Graduate Portfolio Photography
School of Art & Design, Nottingham Trent University
On the 20th anniversary of graduating from the Photography course at NTU and in a beautiful twist I was commissioned along with a fellow alumni, David Baird, to film and photograph the graduating Art & Design students work for their portfolios.
With the absence of in-person  Degree Shows the school had decided to offer their final year students an opportunity to have their work professionally photographed and filmed for their portfolios and as a resource for promoting themselves.
To also support the BA Photography course several 2nd and 3rd year students were given the opportunity to work as paid assistants throughout the shoot, learning the workflows and practices involved in producing a large scale, high volume shoot and gaining valuable industry experience at the same time.

Save British Farming
October 29th 2020
The signs that greet drivers upon entering the Borough of Melton proclaim it to be the 'Rural Capital for Food'.
You'll probably of heard of the Pork Pies and Stilton cheese. In fact its livestock market is one of the oldest in the country and is a hub for surrounding agricultural community.
Back in October 2020 farmers from in and around the borough met to protest against the UK Government's stance on the legal safeguards for agriculture and food standards in future trade deals.⁠
The concerns were multifaceted ranging from the potential for substandard imports into the UK market to the financial and environmental implications of competing against lower quality production from abroad.⁠..
After the Storm

It's April 16th 2020 and the first lockdown begins in the United Kingdom. Life abruptly halted and busy streets in our country became silent. 
Like many photographers whose primary work involved people and locations, the diary became similarly deserted. 
So, whilst taking regular exercise I took the opportunity to document my location and how our national response to the global pandemic played out around me.
(Interview) Association of Photographers
I was interviewed by the Association of Photographers in March 2020 about my professional career and current work as part of their series of FOCUS articles.
First Hundred Days
A series of conversations and portraits with one person for each of the first hundred days of Boris Johnson's 2019 Conservative government, asking the question, "What are you hoping for?"
Following the polarised division that erupted...

(Interview) on Creativepool
I was interviewed by Creativepool back in May 2020 for a Member Spotlight article in magazine. 
They were very kind.
Its a 5 minute read and covers a younger me wanting to be a GP, dancing in the studio, the dangers of comparison and being an introvert in lockdown.
There are some pictures too.
One Year On

Following the journey two brothers take in running a working dairy farm in rural Leicestershire to its gradual closure and final sale.

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