First Hundred Days

First Hundred Days
Following the polarised division that erupted during the UK's Brexit Referendum and then became entrenched through the following General Elections I sought to find out more of what the thoughts and feelings of my local community were. Were they thinking along similar lines to those portrayed in the news, by our politicians and on social media or were they somehow wider than that? 
What followed was a series of conversations and portraits with one person for each of the first hundred days of Boris Johnson's 2019 Conservative government, asking the question, "What are you hoping for?"
Rooting the project to that same number of days as were being used by Johnson and Corbyn in their 2019 campaigning, these people from all walks of life tell of their hopes and portray a public who, on the whole, are more concerned for and hopeful for others.
A more caring community than were being led to believe.​​​​​​​
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